Father’s Day

I hope everyone had a happy father’s day, particularly my awesome dad and father-in-law, two of the best fathers (and grandfathers) I know.




This year it has been especially fun to celebrate Tom’s first full year of fatherhood.



Tom has been an excellent daddy since the very beginning. He does such a good job providing for and taking care of his family, and he’s always been super hands-on with Dan. He’s changed countless diapers, read tons of Dr. Seuss, carried Dan all over creation, introduced him to exciting foods, and taught him how to crawl, sit, stand, and walk—all while keeping his crazy wife from losing it completely. He works so hard and does so much for us—I don’t know what we’d do without him.

This is my favorite picture. "I will vanquish you with my spoon, orc-Mom!"


It’s amazing to see how much these two love each other. From his birth, Dan has brought out a sweeter, gentler, more selfless side of Tom. And Dan always lights up whenever he sees his daddy.¬†When Tom comes home from work, Dan drops what he’s doing and runs to meet him at the door, smiling and bobbing up and down in pure joy. These two have always been best buddies, and the two of them together are cuter than anything I’ve ever seen.




It was always so important to me to marry a man who would be a good father. Now, seeing Tom with Dan, I’m 100% certain that I did.

20160521 Pompei-45


Happy father’s day, Tom. We love you.

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