Sometimes you’re washing your contact lens off in the sink and it just breaks in half. So you’re stuck wearing glasses for a while.

And sometimes, within the same week, your adorable son decides to aggressively hug your face, breaking your glasses. And sometimes superglue doesn’t work very well, so you have to re-glue them several times a day.

And sometimes your badly-glued glasses fall apart in the middle of church, so you have to run to the library and tape them together so you can go to Family History class and not have to squint at the computer screen from one inch away.

There. I fixed it.
There. I fixed it.

So then you have to walk around like a mega nerd for a few days—a mega nerd who has a really interesting time driving, because big wads of tape tend to obscure your peripheral vision.

And sometimes your son judges you for your be-spec-tape-tacled appearance.

"Oh my gosh, Mom. I cant believe you went out in public like this."
“Oh my gosh, Mom. I can’t believe you went out in public like this.”


"Im glad I look more like Dad, so I can pretend were not related in public."
“I’m glad I look more like Dad, so I can pretend we’re not related.”

And sometimes Dan isย an angsty teenager, apparently.

That’s just life, I guess.

I’m glad I have contacts again.

Happy Wednesday!


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